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What's up? (open thread, call for gifs, party-bragging, etc)

I'm here! I know everyone missed me. You were all thinking about me all the time. Right?

Y'all, I had the best Mardi Gras I've had in years. I don't really know why - just every single thing I did (which are things I traditionally do) was awesome. I also didn't drink that much this year (I focused on other substance abuse) which I think helped because I tend to get these catastrophic hangovers.


It was cold as fuck Tuesday (OK, COLD AS FUCK FOR ME, I WON'T PLACE IN COLD OLYMPICS OK??), but nothing like last year, where the temperature approached freezing and it rained. Last year, I had to abandon my costume completely which made me grumpy for months. I feel like if anything will get some of these conservatives in the Gulf Coast concerned about climate change, a polar vortex ruining Mardi Gras would.

So, what's the news? What's going on? Everyone staying warm? Any new and important gif discoveries?

Edited to add picture because people are asking about my costume!

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