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I got a call from my mom to today to remind me to call my 13 year old niece for her "graduation." I instantly thought my niece somehow became a prodigy overnight and advanced six levels to graduate high school.

Nope. Niece is "graduating" from middle school.

When I was growing up, there were only three types of graduations: high school, undergraduate, and graduate school. That's it. My parents, being the strict academics they were, chided me for complaining about having to attend my sister's high school graduation.


"When you're older, you'll understand that a graduation is an honor of hard work and dedication to your field of study in addition to getting your official degree."

I define graduation as getting an actual degree. I take it a lot of this has changed now? Are there graduations for switching up schools? (And, no, I probably won't "congratulate" my niece but rather ask her about her new school next year.)

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