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So I met someone. I feel silly being all "Hey! I met someone I like!!!!!" but...it's true. He has thus far shown no red flags and is sweet and chivalrous and seems to really like me back! IS THIS HAPPENING?!

Ahhhhh, relax. We've only been on one date. But, fuck! I have such a good feeling about him. Is it intuition? Or hopefulness? I'm not sure yet. But I like him and he's (seemingly) awesome. He's so much unlike the other guys I've been out with. I almost think he's too good for me. But of course then I remember that I am fucking awesome and that goes away ;)

We have a date on Wednesday where he is apparently cooking me dinner. He even texted to ask if I have any food allergies or hate any foods. Thoughtfulness! This is seriously a first!


He's not even my typical "type". But the second I spoke to him I got this crazy feeling that just felt...right. And again, it might just be me being hopeful. But I want to ride this wave to wherever it leads me. Maybe it will take me into LOVE and maybe it will take me into a sandbar full of sandshark carcasses. No matter! It feels good!

What's going on with you guys? Anything love-worthy? Anything cringe-worthy? I want to hear about all of it!

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