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There are several things in my life that aren’t working right now, so I’m trying to focus on the good, no matter how small.

1. I got a new faceplate for my work phone. Now it has my and my office mate’s names on it and looks new. Organization!!

2. Super parenting win after super parenting fail yesterday. Got into a huge fight with Little GV where I should have walked away, but it turned into a good talk and new ground rules later in the day.


3. Mr GV is done with classes for this term and has a month off to decompress. No more polite listening to him drone about his classes (most of which I’ve taken).

4. Enjoying a little bonus time at home midday. I had a couple of appointments near my house and decided to go home after for lunch, rather than go back to work for 10 minutes.

Four things working isn’t bad. Hopefully, the day will bring more along with whatever stresses it brings.

So, what’s working for you? Even the little things are good.

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