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What's working, GT?

So, what little things are working for you today?

1. it’s beautiful outside. The PNW is no longer in the grip of disgustingly hot weather.


2. Sleeping in!

3. I had a thought about something that could ruin my day. This was followed closely by the awareness that it didn’t already feel ruined! I’ve been a little depressed lately, so maybe my spirits are lifting some.

4. There will be satisfaction to be had later when I help Little GV work on cleaning her room. It got so bad she became overwhelmed.

5. Dogsitting! We had Mr GV’s folks’ dog overnight. We have to give her back tonight, but it’s nice to have a furbaby in the house again.


ETA: 6. Even though she’s 12, Little GV asked me to make oatmeal for her because I make the best oatmeal!

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