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Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys, I'm reading the Gawker article about the Pizza Hut tasting and the subsequent comments. I will admit that the pizzas Dayna tried at the event sound kind of ridiculous and not like flavor combinations I would enjoy very much on a pizza, but the comments are just so...elitist? I mean, I live in Chicago, which is by all accounts a city in which one can buy "good" pizza, no matter your crust preference. I eat deep dish pizza, I eat thin crust pizza, I eat regular crust pizza, and I enjoy it all.

But am I really the only person who thinks that the difference between a Pizza Hut pizza and that costs twice as much down the road at a "respected" pizza joint really isn't miles apart? I mean, everyone has preferences. My brother runs a pizza place in Omaha and their crust contains a little bit of honey, which I love. It makes A difference. But it doesn't make it somehow out of Pizza Hut's league. Pizza is crust, sauce and cheese. No matter if you use the freshest tomatoes for the sauce, stone ground flour and made that day mozzarella, it's still going to taste like a pizza. And Pizza Hut is very affordable. The $20 pizza I get at Renaldi's is slightly better than the $10 pizza I get at Pizza Hut (plus Renaldi's offers green olives as a topping).


Why is Pizza Hut laughably gross? I guess I'm just not high-brow enough in my tastes to understand why we should all sit here and shake our heads and chuckle at poor Pizza Hut thinking its pizza was edible. I don't mind if you'd rather spend money for something a little better, but can we maybe just not act like Pizza Hut is essentially the last refuge of the damned?

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