Ok y'all! Villainous, Goody Two Shoes, or anything else. Yes, your alter ego-what is it? And when does it come in handy?

First, I found this question asked on the internets, and the subsequent answer:

Is a vivacious personality a vicious personality?

No! A vivacious personality is a lively, vibrant personality. A vicious personality is a cruel, malevolent personality.

So, I wrote before somewhere about how I came up with my moniker. Long story short: finally student of the day after intense lobbying, announcer on the school PA says I'm "vicious" when the word was actually "vivacious", I yell at the PA system whilst standing on the art room table, prove I'm a wee bit vicious, teacher asks politely to please get off the table. Because lawsuit and distraction.

Also because there's a Lou Reed song (pour some out, may he be rocking in the sky) called "Vicious". Also just learned there was a movie called "Vivacious Lady". Evens out.


So my alter-ego is a sweet and outgoing gal, ready to help out and just generally being lovely. Sweetie darling to the extreme with a cherry on top. Everything seen through rose colored glasses. Giving presents that I truly know people will love, batting those eyelashes, funny bunny, and dancing and bringing the bubbly. I wish I could send everyone here some bubbly, by the way. Party times for real! This is who I am about 99.9% of the time...


...Then comes the dark side. The side that rears it's ugly head when shit gets real. And shit must be more real than reality for Miss Vivacious Hulks out and becomes Miss Vicious. Like when I punched a frat guy in the kidneys for getting a little too fresh. And when someone crosses me...I'm a clever Miss Vicious, so when my middle school bully was really turning up the heat, I turned her in Jack McCoy (had evidence)/Maleficent style. She didn't know that little old me could really fight and have absolutely no mercy. Scorched earth, salted like, um, whatever you put salt on.


Tell me your alter-egos GT! Are you secretly a superhero/super heroine? A tiger? Seriously serious? A cat in a top hat? Rorschach? If Rorschach is on GT, please stop breaking into my place to eat beans.