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What's YOUR best deal lately, GT?

What’s YOUR most recent *Best Deal* that YOU have found or purchased, GT?

Brought to you, by Emmer’s curiosity & a great deal I got on something I’ve wanted for abooooout 25 years now😉

(YES, I WAS the weird kid who has wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer since High School!😆🤣😂)


Made a Target run this afternoon, because I compleeeeeetely flaked last night & didn’t stop on my way home*, soooo we ran out of toilet paper for a couple hours this morning (OOPS!!)😑😳🙃

While I was there this afternoon, I made a wander through the clearance sections, because it appears that Target is turning quite a few sections over, and in the aisle-long clearance section by the “kitchen” section Y’ALL, I FOUND A KITCHENAID MIXER OVER HALF OFF😳😯😃!!!

Marked down “second discount” from $429.99>to $300.96> to (TODAY!!) $210.66


Just “Open Box”/”Shipping Return”🤗🤗🤗

And because I had the money in my checking account and will be getting a massive “catch it all up!” paycheck next Friday, I BOUGHT IT!!😁


It’s the 5quart, flip-head 10 speed, with 3 attachments (blade, whisk & dough hook), and the glass bowl.

In metallic Candy-Apple Red (for you OPI fans, “I’m Not Really a Waitress” red!🤗🤗🤗)


I can’t BELIEVE it was still there, but I suspect part of that was because it was still double-boxed from shipping. (I suspect it’s a shipping-return, because our store seems to get LOTS of nice & expensive, then majorly-discounted stuff that way!) There was a plain cardboard “KitchenAid stand mixer” box over the white packaging one which has the specs & pictures.

I’m SO excited to FINALLY have my own stand-mixer—i’ve missed the one that former-roommie had (I used it AT LEAST as often as she did—maybe more😉)


What’s YOUR most recent or if not recent, your BEST deal?

*on my drive past Target last night I literally had that internal battle of “You need to stop! NO, you just have the ‘I wants!’” So I thought it WAS the “I wants” until I went to get another roll and realized THAT was why I meant to stop😆🤣😂


We ARE now fully stocked with TP, with *at least* a month’s supply (the equivalent of 192 rolls, to be exact!) between the upstairs cupboard & basement laundry-room shelf.😉

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