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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What's your "Brand"?

For the record, I hate that this is a thing I am thinking about, but ... I am thinking about it.


Edited to clarify: Do you have a personal professional brand? (Like: I do this particular thing particularly well.)

What is your “brand”? How did you decide how to brand yourself? (Do you have to brand yourself for your line of work, or is this just another special thing that comes with my particular interests?)

Is there a book I can read about this?
Is there a book I can read about this that is something like, “Branding Yourself: A Guide for Idiots, Introverts, and People Who Prefer to Be Behind the Scenes and Not Center-Stage”?

I don’t want to be an influencer or an Instagrammer. But it seems I need to be more thoughtful about how I put myself in the path/minds/periphery of my peers and colleagues off-campus. I have ... no idea what my niche is. Or how to start, because I’m sure as shit not using Instagram.

... out of context halp?

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