We're all a bit snobbish about something, right? There's one thing about which you have very exacting tastes that most people just don't understand. Mine is usually entertainment-related (movies, tv, books...) Last night, I introduced my boyfriend to Neon Genesis Evangelion. He prefers to watch English dubs so he doesn't have to read the subtitles, but the voice acting was so awful that I had to switch it to the Japanese audio less than 10 minutes into the first episode.

My boyfriend's thing is coffee. We can't buy ground coffee here (small town in China). He refuses to drink instant coffee, brought two pounds of freshly ground coffee from Canada and has everyone who visits us bring us more. When my mom visited, she made the horrible mistake of bringing Starbucks coffee. The woman brought three bags of coffee from halfway across the world and he didn't stop complaining about it being Starbucks (not in front of her though) until his dad brought him his fancy whatever coffee. I forgive him because he lets me rant about how bad this and that tv show is all the time.

So, what's your ridiculous snob thing?