I know Christmas is super far away, but the dude and I are planning how we're going to manage to celebrate with both of our families when we go home this Christmas. Luckily both sets of parents live in the same town, so there's minimal travel for us on holidays. This year we've decided to spend Christmas Eve with his family, and Christmas Day with mine.

His family has a tradition of eating oysters on Christmas Eve for dinner. The only thing is, no one even likes them. His mom buys a tub of scary looking oysters, dredges them in cornmeal and fries them. And she makes sooooo many, so you feel obligated to eat all of them and then everyone feels sick. My sister-in-law and I don't eat oysters, so she picks up some frozen fish filets and fries for us to eat. It's all so greasy and fishy that we go to bed feeling sick. And it just doesn't feel special enough for Christmas Eve, you know?

This year, the dude has asked his mom if we can start a new tradition. She's cool with it, as long as we take care of dinner. I'd like to keep the seafood aspect of it in some way, because it's literally a third or fourth generation tradition in his family. But we're considering any and all ideas. So, what's your Christmas Eve tradition? Do you have one?