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What's Your Embarrassing/Hilarious Quirk?

What are your funny/embarrassing quirks, GT?

I'll start. Many people, I'm sure hoping, have a hilarious yet sometimes embarrassing quirk. Mine is that random keywords will cause songs or TV show/movie quotes to pop into my head. I don't even know why. My girlfriend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry. [This is a prime example. When I typed "I don't even know why", that song immediately popped into my head].

While this has its uses, it's definitely embarrassing at times. Case in point: I was at Grand Central on Friday night getting off the Metro North and heard a conductor a colleague to hustle as they were behind schedule. I immediately started singing "I'm a hustler, baby!" falsetto and all (nailed it!), much to the chagrin of my colleagues and laughter from other commuters who had heard the conductor and my subsequent singing.


Anywho, I want to know your embarrassing/funny quirks, GT. If anybody is afraid that the overshare will doxx them, let me know, and I'll set the GT self-destruct sequence for the post.

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