I ask because I got into an interesting debate with someone over the ACA. I say interesting, because somehow it didn't instantly devolve into my hating the person I was debating it with. And in the end, I didn't have enough information to counter his arguments.

The ACA has not really affected me personally. I am lucky to already have insurance through my job, at affordable rates. My rates are not changing. My understanding and hope was that the ACA would be providing lower cost options to people who previously couldn't or could barely afford insurance. (As well as preventing companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and the like.)

The guy I was talking to was saying the opposite. He is an independent contractor, and he says his rates are going to be going up significantly. He has friends who have not been able to afford insurance, and their options are now even more expensive than they were previously, but now they will have to buy it anyway or face penalties. He argued that while the ACA would keep rates lower for people who get sick or have pre-existing conditions, it will raise the rates for everyone else who is healthy.

Has anyone else had this experience? I feel like I've heard positive things about the new marketplace from people in the Northeast, and I'm wondering if part of the difference is that this guy is from Texas?

Plus he complained about the website, but I've been hearing that from everyone. But really, who expects the government to use the internet properly? ;)


ETA: I feel the need to add that this guy isn't one of these people:


He was actually saying he agrees with universal healthcare in principle but disagrees with the implementation. He was saying he had shopped on the ACA website, as had his friends that he was talking about. I have no reason to believe he was lying, but that's why I was hoping to hear from other people who have personal experience with the new marketplace.