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What's your favorite dishwasher detergent?

The best thing in the world is happening to me: I’m going to have a dishwasher in my life! I’ve almost forgotten how it all works, honestly. I just realized that I have to figure out what kind of detergent to get and I don’t feel like going through the excruciating trial and error, I can’t, I don’t think my heart could handle it. So please tell me, what’s your favorite dishwasher detergent?!

I use blue Dawn now. All other hand dishwashing liquid is dead to me. Eco-friendly stuff can go shove it. I tried and I use vinegar and shit, but some things need the big guns. I’m looking for big gun dishwasher detergent.

I’m also not one of those people that is like, “why should I pay for water?” I think that water is a pretty rad solvent and serves an important purpose in these types of solutions. I am not disposed to pod-type things.


OK, so what’s your favorite dishwasher detergent? If you want to plug eco-friendly shit or pods, I am a persuadable person provided that they do not suck.

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