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What's your favorite tool?

Lately my favorite tool is the laser cutter at my husband’s office. You can etch or cut so many different materials.

Above are tests he did on leather for me. I was going to make luggage tags on printable shrinky dinks but wasn’t happy with how they were coming out. So now I’m making them out of leather. Below are wooden bookmarks. (Yes all my current crafting is HP related and probably will be until December. Once everything is all finished and assembled I’ll make a post with ALL the cool stuff)


I do like the “new” printer we got recently too. It’s a really nice printer that does wide format, edge to edge etc that we fixed. (It drives me nuts that printers are basically considered disposable)

I know a lot of people think 3D printers are fun but I have one of those in my family room so the novelty has worn off. (Like the other printer we got it free and broken and fixed it) Mostly the younger kids use it to print things like little Pokemon.

So what is your favorite tool? Is it a thimble? An awesome makeup brush? The perfect hammer that is a perfect weight for you and fits perfectly in your hand? Your cellphone? The possibilities are limitless.

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