I'm all about the language right now. It's a bit like an obsession, which is a convenient excuse to avoid going to the gym.

But I've been wondering - what to you personally, is the most beautiful language? Have I asked this before? I can't remember. You can have a top two if you simply can't decide.

I'm wondering how the more stereotypical "beautiful" languages like french and italian will fare :)

For me it's:

1) Japanese

2) French

Swedish is very cool, but I wouldn't say it was "beautiful". I've never found spanish or italian to be particularly beautiful languages (in so much as, to me they are just like any other language, and don't specifically appeal to me), although if I could have the ability to speak them magically implanted in my head I certainly wouldn't say no!!!


So what's yours!!! And I promise I'll stop going on about languages tomorrow!!