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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What's your inane brain-stumper, GT?

Bright to you by the fact that my roommie is gone, and I’ve been watching her dachshunds all weekend,

What just boggles YOUR brain, and makes zero sense to you?

My own brain-melter is that, while roommie is home, her boys (both long-haired dachshunds) will ALWAYS end up peeing or pooping on the floor at least once a day (many times MULTIPLE times a day!).


Roommie left for a mini-vacation during the day Friday, she’ll get back *sometime* tonight. Aside from two accidents (one each, urine only) that I had to clean up which happened when I accidentally left the boys unkenneled overnight on Friday night, we have had ZERO incidents of peeing or pooping—ANYWHERE inside—the entire rest of the weekend.

On weekends when roommie is home & the boys are out all day, a miracle would be *only* 2 puddles of urine for the day—most often there would be MANY more, and by the end of a weekend like this, a solid minimum of 6-10....


How am *I* able to get such good behavior out of them (there has ALSO been a minimum of barking, in comparison to a normal weekend, fwiw!), when they behave like such adorable little MONSTERS for their actual human?

And what stumps YOU?


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