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What's Your Job?

Inspired by a recent post by Cajun Ginger and the giant cup of coffee I just had to get me through my 5th consecutive quasi all-nighter spent summarizing trial testimony in a tax fraud case, I would like to hear about people's cool jobs and how they got into them.

I've seen a lot of passing references on GT to cool shit I would just never have imagined doing because this country does a crap job of preparing or inspiring kids to anything besides one of the 5 most obvious careers (lawyer, doctor, banker, teacher, firefighter/engineer (but only if you're a boy)).


What else could I have done with my life that wouldn't involve reading 5000 pages about how old, rich White dudes are robbing the government of millions of dollars and getting away with it?

ETA: Wow, you guys are awesome and inspiring. And it makes me even madder at all the rich, pasty fucks skimming money out of the community chest because they want to retire in the Caymans at 40. I mean, there are at least 10 people in this comment section who deserve to be paid higher than the guy who made $175 million selling an auto parts shop he inherited from his dad after dropping out of college and STILL tried not to pay taxes on. Fuck that guy.

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