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So I was just reading the NYT Magazine article on GOOP and Gwyneth Paltrow which was both depressing and dangerous for my eyes (the rolling, so much eye rolling). While reading I realized that I was clearly missing the trend of lifestyle branding that has been sweeping the world for a while now. Clearly I am not dedicated to my best self without one.

So here it is, I’m calling it:

Fuck that Shit: Leaving the World Behind and Embracing Hermitude

Blog posts will consist of:

  • takeout reviews - good even when the food is meh because I didn’t have to cook it
  • ice cream reviews - the new Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Shake It flavor is everything
  • recipes - Triscuits with Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce and cream cheese is so a meal!
  • cats and their never ending cuteness
  • how to use bandaids to keep the underwires on your Target bras from maiming you (surely Target will pay me for this content!)
  • musings on why following your bliss is bullshit
  • how much better life is on/in your couch/apartment/private island 

What’s your lifestyle blog name? What kind of content will you have? Will you take over the world with your brilliance? Someone’s got to be the new GOOP, why not you? 

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