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What's your new favorite thing?

I don’t know about you guys but I’m constantly calling stuff/activities/food, etc. “my new favorite thing.” So, what’s your new favorite thing? Thing of this as a GT rec thread and share as many as you like!

Mine is this wonderful goat milk lotion made by a local woman at our farmer’s market. It’s thick, creamy, and deeply moisturizing. The scent I’ve been purchasing (over and over! for me and friends that I must send it to) is Lemon Cake Batter. I’m not even a lemon cake person but I CAN’T STOP SNIFFING MY HANDS!! It smells amazing.

Plus, she also sells goat milk soaps and, on the back of each package, she puts the picture and name of the goat who produced the milk—it’s adorable! Many of them are named after flowers (think Daisy and Violet). Her little stand and the Lemon Cake Batter lotion are my new favorite things.


(If you’re interested, you can buy stuff from her here but, sadly, she doesn’t list her whole line. Happily, I am pretty sure that, no matter what you tried from her, you’d adore it.)

How about you? What are your new favorite things?

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