You know, something you know is awful but you love anyway because it reminds you of childhood? (Hat tip to Mooncat's comment on ISpeakJive's post for making me think about this.)

For me, it's these suckers: Hostess fruit pies.

I used to beg my parents for them at the store, but they only rarely gave in. (Probably because they have a billion calories and taste kind of funky.) Only I feel like they might have had some janky generic version at my store, because last time I had one it tasted way better than I remembered. (Last time was when I was home for Christmas freshman year and my friends and I decided to go to the store specifically to find these, because apparently we all had the same experience as children. Except for one friend who thought we were nuts and, after being forced to try one, thought they were nasty. They're not nasty, Nat. They're CHILDHOOD.)

That and McDonald's caramel sundaes with peanuts, but those don't count because they're actually good.


Alright, let's hear yours! Tell me all your delicious-yet-disgusting nostalgia foods.