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How visible are you on the interwebz, dear denizens of GT? YOU you, not the anonymous kinja you. Are you easily searchable? Does a google search of your name yield a full page of results? Or do you strive to keep a relatively low profile?

I find that I’m (hypocritically) suspicious of people I’m not able to research online. Do you really not have a LinkedIn account? Twitter? IG? DEAR GOD, WHERE IS YOUR FB PROFILE?!?!?!

Like I said, massively hypocritical.

My own online footprint is relatively small. I share a name with several distant cousins who are relatively high-profile in their respective careers, and I fly under the radar in consequence. My social media accounts that are connected to my actual name are minimal, and the ones that are get listed waaaay below said distant cousins. Big, huge hypocrite.


But DAMN, I am trying to get a read on this guy, and he is a ghost.

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