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What's your preferred method of hair removal?

Mine has been a big ol "none of the above" the past year but I'm thinking I want to shave again. I've lost a little weight and the weather is beautiful here today and I'm feeling like I want to be all easy-breezy-beautiful again and feel the wind on my skin.

Things I hate about general shaving in the shower (that are pretty much my own fault):

  1. I don't like showers and don't take as many as one would consider appropriate. (whatevs don't care). My skin gets really dry after a shower no matter what moisturizing process I use, and shaving makes it a nightmare.
  2. I go so long between shaving, that I destroy three razors in the process, then don't have any razors around whenever I'm thinking of shaving later. Again, these are all my own fault.
  3. I get kind of dizzy when I bend over in a steamy shower. This coupled with my general paranoia means I think that shaving is going to kill me one day. I try sitting down but it's too awkward - I don't really fit long-ways and can't get all the leg.

I'm really interested in electric razors. Anyone have a product to plug? Pros/cons?

After my wedding the next thing I'm saving up for is to get myself completely lasered. Eyes lasered, hair lasered, sun damage lasered. Totally lasered. I'll barely be human afterward. It'll be great.

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