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Your Result:

The Captain

Congratulations! You’ve got the job every cadet is vying for - you’re the captain. A natural leader, you have all the key traits required for the big chair: strength, passion, intelligence, quick thinking and resilience. You’re hard working and experienced, and are willing to make the tough decisions that might make other officers stumble. This level of responsibility can often lead to isolation, and many captains (despite often developing intense relationships with their crew), can occasionally struggle romantically. The captain is the ultimate leader, and are also willing to rely on others, skilled at encouraging (in their own ways) those around them to perform at their best. Captains are skilled tacticians, and are highly resourceful and creative thinkers who can approach a problem from multiple viewpoints. A captain is very loyal to those around them, and what they see as their central mission, willing to make sacrifices to preserve those people and principles under their protection.


Bralock got Science Officer.

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