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What's your uniform? (Plus: texts from Ted Cruz)

We already know what you're wearing for the apocalypse, but what about those days when the world doesn't end? If you were to wear the same thing every day, what would it be? (If you wear a uniform for your job, disregard that for now.) Your uniform can be something you actually wear all the time anyway, or it can be Burt's Casual Friday outfit. Or anything in between!


A while back, Janelle Monàe talked about why she wears black and white as her uniform. Your uniform doesn't need to be as awesome as that, but if it is, then more power to you.

Mine, realistically, is what I'm wearing today: this black H&M t-shirt dress, black shoes, (fake) pearl earrings. Red lipstick if I feel like playing up my vaguely vampiric coloring, pearl necklace if I feel fancy. Versatile, comfy, and easy to keep clean. Also comes in a long-sleeve version. When it's cool out, some tights so that I don't get creepy looks like I did when I was riding to school today. It probably says something about my desire not to be noticed too much. (And considering that I own the dark blue and dark purple dresses as well, it might as well be my uniform.)

In a perfect world, though, I would dress like a woman I saw earlier today: long swishy high-waisted black skirt, black lace-up heeled boots, black top with black satiny vest. It was gorgeous and just unusual enough to make me wonder if it was a costume, but not so much so that it couldn't have been her everyday clothes. I picture it with a long black coat in winter. It's also my new apocalypse outfit, because it will go well with all the steampunk.

Bonus, unrelated link: Texts from Ted Cruz, courtesy of a guy I know at school. I thought you all would get a laugh out of it.

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