My life is doomed to be a series of dramatic ups and downs. Clearly I am not meant to have anything resembling predictability in my world. On the "life is crap" end of the spectrum, my father is back in the hospital (this time in the ICU) because his immune system finally decided to quit (I can't say I blame it, it's been positively abused as of late). I will never be sleeping again, apparently. And on the "OMG EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL" end Mr Caterpillar and I have finally booked our venue and settled on a date for our wedding. And my stepmom gave the go-ahead on the dress I want. So… I could complain, but I won't, because I'm going to focus on the happy.

I just wish I could find a bag to lug all my wedding and visa stuff around in, but the one I'm looking for seems to have disappeared on me. And I wish I could get a reasonable amount of sleep. I'm exhausted, but there's so much to get done that I cannot relax yet.