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*No Mainpage* My company does merit increases all at once, once a year. So those of us who manage people have to rank all of our employees, highest to lowest. My manager does all the financials and then we have to go in and tell him if we have any tweaks. I just looked at my team. Not only are my bottom two people getting no raise, because they need improvement, the next bottom 3 don't get any raise or bonus at all because they are at the bottom of the list. Even though they are technically meeting expectations. All of this is like from the corporate overlords, too, so I can't really do anything about it but figure out how I'm going to sell this. I predict it will not be fun. Corporate pay practices are fucking stupid and arbitrary and the people on the bottom have to scramble to get a 2% raise every year, while the CEO I'm sure made a shit ton of money from this year. Ugh. Sometimes I hate being a corporate drone.


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