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When 10 Minutes to Edit Just Isn't Enough

I think I have the worst story about getting replies on an old post. This is about as well as I can figure it: more than a year ago, I was working up the courage to post on one of those show your picture threads. We didn't have personal blogs back then, so I buried a test attempt on an old post in a reply to myself. Kinja 1.0 was just wildly unreadable, and the algorithm hated me back then, so I assumed it would stay unnoticed forever at the bottom of the shitpile. Now Kinja likes me as one of the few approved commenters, so it's reformatted things so that my stupid picture is right there at the top in a mainpage post that's suddenly getting a resurgence of attention.

I completely forgot about the whole thing, so it was a highly unpleasant surprise to follow a sudden burst of recommendations back and be confronted by the nonsensical featuring of my own mug. LAME. One thing that's kind of funny is that we recently had a show your face thread here, and I was able to follow the link in my post back to the one from days gone by. Not a lot of the same people are left! Man, I have been commenting on Jezebel for a while.


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