I read in the obits another childhood friend parent died. This is the second I know of in last 12 months, I assume there are more. It hits you because as you see their parents generation dies off your generation is next. You realize time stops for no one. I am lucky my mother is alive and well. Yet it was just close to 20 years it was her mother and about 10 years ago her mother’s sister died thus ending that generation. Her mother is my grandmother but you figured it out.

Now the father of my childhood friend. I remember him very well. He owned a business from the 70s to early 90s. He wanted to retire when his kids left college. He sold the building for a huge profit and he and his wife moved to a nice condo.

Fashion question. He owned a men’s clothing store. His clients were professional men and male high school students who went to a Catholic HS that required suit coats. My mother bought most of my suit cots from him. Every time I or another customer would go in he never trusted what customers said in terms of sizes. If a man said he was a 40 width 32 length he or another employee would ignore that and measure the customer themselves. For suitcoats I recall him or an employee whipping a ruler out and measuring my arms, neck to waist and chest.

His clothing were all earth colors for suits and pants ie black, brown, navy blue, with or without pin strips. He sold a lot of three piece suits and the three would match along with white shirts or light blue.

Since his store closed I have shopped for many shirts and pants. Never once was I ever measured. Granted I never bought a suit coat and never a three piece suit. Was his store unique to measure customers or have I just been to wrong clothing stores.


Sorry for being so busy. BF and GF are fine. Getting old, GF sleeps almost all the time. The vet though found them in good health. She is 14.