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Welcome To The Bitchery

My mother has a friend (MF) who now lives out of state. She is close to 70 and married with cop son.

Anyways she has a neighbor. The neighbor lost her drivers license and her job. She is circa 50. She is looking for the perfect job like her last one and won’t take any others.  She gets spousal support also.

Well this neighbor throws parties for a few dozen folk and once brought MF to a party (not neighbors own party) where MF ended up sitting while neighbor wanders around talking.


Well MF drives her around, pays for their meals plus alcoholic  drinks, buys dog food for her dog, invites her over to eat. Well the neighbor called her “my one true friend”.

My mother said “the parties she throws aren’t they her friends?”. MF “she said they are not real friends only I am her true friend”. My mother should have said “why is she spending money on parties if they are not real friends”.

Her husband and cop son are very suspicious. This is not the first time she has been in this situation either. She can be quite naive

To me and my mother this is being used for free transportation, meal w/drinks, dog food amd invites for food. Her son who lives in another state is highly suspicious over the loss of drivers licence story, she said its for speeding but she was in a rush for work.


Although maybe its just us. Maybe we should not give nefarious motives when money is involved. I just find it odd how a fifty year old calls a 70 year old a true friend yet hosts parties for not her real friends.

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