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Has anyone had the experience where an interview made YOU want to turn down a job? And not in a solely “I have a better offer elsewhere” way?

I have been going through an interview process for a job that would be a big increase in salary, a better living location, and just a real big step for me career wise but I feel like the interview process so far has been really unprofessional on their end. It has all been phone interviews up to this point.

The general recruiter was fine, no issues with him. He sent my file to the hiring manager who emailed me to set up another phone call with several proposed times to choose from. I pick 3 times I’m available, she confirms one time but a few hours later emails me to say that that time no longer works. Ok, no problem, I reply with the two back up times. The first date/time pass and she just straight up doesn’t call me at all. Ok, stuff happens. I email her saying I know she is very busy and that I can make any time on the other back up time work but please confirm that I can expect her call. I get the shortest response back “XX:XXAM, Day. Thanks”. No explanation whatsoever, no apology, nothing.


Hiring Manager keeps the THIRD rescheduled call. It’s really unusually early in the morning for this kind of call and we are in the same time zone btw. It isn’t the best interview I’ve ever had and kind of accept I’m not going to hear back again. Disappointing but I can deal with it and just add it to experience. Well, SURPRISE! She forwarded my file to a subgroup in the department and this new person wants to call me. That’s great! Person offers three days and times to schedule the call. I can’t take the first time frame because it is when I’m at work (2nd shift) but the other two are fine. I reply with the two dates and ask that they confirm when they will be calling. No response until last night when they reply that they can no longer take my call because they are having an extended vacation. Wtf, YOU’RE the one who gave ME the time availability. They made no mention of rescheduling.

I know someone who works at this company in a different department who thinks this is insane and wasn’t reflective of her hiring experience at all. I’m not discounting the company as a whole but I don’t even know if I would bother jumping through these hoops for this particular department again. I mean obviously they don’t care about me as an applicant enough to make an effort but the whole thing has felt very unprofessional to me.

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