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After watching the first episode of Jez’s new recurring video series, Pipette, I was confused about why on earth I was so put off by Joanna’s presentation style. I really liked the animations. I loved the camera work. I loved the little cut-scenes and the b-roll. The scientist spoke in a delightfully frank fashion and I learned a lot from her. I’m excited to see where the rest of the series will go. But I had this little niggling feeling of discomfort whenever Joanna showed up.

Then I scrolled down into the comments and this person put my thoughts into words. Joanna excessively puts herself down to the point where it’s off-putting. She’s negging herself.

I said this in a comment to her as well-basically that we don’t need her to constantly tell us that she’s an “idiot” because she doesn’t know these things. Of course she doesn’t know them-that’s why she’s asking questions.


It’s also really strange to watch her interview people who are incredibly self-assured (the scientists) while she’s putting on an “I’m such a dope!” faux moron personality. I know the self-deprecation was supposed to be humorous but it just wasn’t funny to me. It read as self-hating to me. Even the people she was interviewing looked visibly uncomfortable when she’d put herself down.

Example of funny self-deprecating humor.

Have you guys watched the video? Do you think she’s taking the self-deprecation to uncomfortable levels or am I overreacting?

I really did like the idea and execution of the series otherwise though. I really hope Joanna works on and improves her screen presence because this could be really awesome.

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