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When cabbies don't know where they are going

I am in a cab for what should have been a fifteen minute ride that is going to take 25, at least. I hate it when cabbies go the obviously worst way.

I am in West Philly. I am going to Fairmount. The clear way to drive is surface streets to the Spring a Garden bridge, down the Parkway and right into Fairmount. I looked up from comforting my cat (we are going to his least favorite place, the vet) to see we were crawling down Spruce street, which at this time of day is filled with cyclists and pedestrians, and he went over the South Street bridge, taking us south to go north. The as we approach the bridge he has the gall to ask me if we should get on the Schuylkill Expressway. No, we should not get on the expressway at rush hour.


I hate having to tell cabbies where to go. I feel awkward and confrontational speaking up about it for some reason, but when I don’t sometimes I get taken for a ride by a cabbie who, either through lack of knowledge or a desire for more fare, goes the longest, stupidest way possible.

Ok, I had to vent, but let’s a hope this is the worst part of my day.

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