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Oh GT, I’m so bummed right now!

I recently had to move from my old place (that was beautiful and perfect for me) into a much smaller/odd shaped space (they’re tearing my old house down to build condos).

This new space has hardly any closets (and we all know I love my fashion!) so I decided to invest in some PAX wardrobes. I don’t drive, so I had them delivered and figured I’d assemble them myself. That was my first mistake, they weighed WAY too much for me to put together. I ended up paying to have them assembled this morning, and when we go to stand the first wardrobe up, it doesn’t fit, it’s too tall. I had measured, but didn’t realize I had to measure for clearance, ugh. So it had to be taken all apart and now is sitting in a box in my living room.


Now I have to pay someone to pick up and return the units and then pay for the right size units to be delivered and assembled.

I went the Ikea route to save some money, but its costing me so much extra to get this all done.

(And I don’t have any friends with trucks or who would want or be able to put it together for me)

TL;DR: I wasted a bunch of money, I’m sad, and feel like I made bad purchasing decisions.


PS: Kinja HATES me and won’t let me star things, just brings me to the top of the page!

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