I'm now 20 weeks prego and the reality of this is hitting me. I've done no shopping for baby yet besides a pair of blue shoes when I found out I'm having a boy. Besides the shoes we have a cardboard box we are trying to fill, we've somehow gotten some baby wash, a baby bottle I got when I got maternity jeans and some baby powder. Needless to say we've got a lot to buy and do before baby arrives.

I've made a goal to have the baby's room well started and looking like an actual nursery with a crib in it by 30 weeks because there is a chance I'll pop early given some other medical issues. I've yet to switch around our rooms because I am very sad to be giving up my spare/makeup/dressing room that I use everyday. We will be getting a crib in the next few weeks.

I was thinking of getting all the big ticket items (car seat, stroller, pack n' play) sooner and registering for bottles, clothing, and all the other "fun" stuff that people like to pick out. I realize that some people don't like picking out anything for a baby though. What and when did you all buy to prepare for your baby? I feel like I'm slacking with just this box with five items at 20 weeks.