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Welcome To The Bitchery
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When does being a superfan make you less able to enjoy it?

I have one friend who, bless him, is the Debbie Downer of fandom. I am becoming convinced he goes looking for flaws at this point for something to gripe about. New Star Wars, a favorite franchise? Here’s a list of everything that’s wrong with it even when he saw it like yesterday. New Star Trek trailer under new management? Booo. Batman Begins wasn’t that good and here’s the article about why. And a rant on why the new Jurassic Park is an abomination (and any of the subsequent JP movies other than the originals weren’t?). Doctor Who isn’t the same, and so on. Sad trombone noises follow everything, womp womp. I haven’t seen him just state that he likes something.

I dunno. I like discussing lore and theories and whatnot like a lot of people with nerdy interests, but I like still being able to enjoy it too.


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