Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've been doing pretty intense therapy for almost two years. By intense I mean in-depth, not going 3x/week. I've hit the core issue and it's been a huge breakthrough and it's great, etc. But I feel like a huge, raw, exposed nerve. It feels good to have gotten to this point, but I feel pretty awful. That part of myself that's been isolated and hiding for most of my life is now out, and getting triggered by all the things. This is normal, right? At some point I'll feel better, right? Because all I really want to do is call in sick for the next two weeks and not talk to anyone except my therapist.

Also I feel like a bad Groupthinker. I know there are Chicago meetups all the time but I am the worst at socializing. I'm not ignoring y'all, I swear!


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