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When Even "Nice" Cat-Calling is the Worst

Yesterday I was walking around Gastown and a man asked me the following in a Julie Andrews-worthy sing-song-y voice: "Has anyone told you that you're beautiful today?"

When I didn't reply (my city blinders are nice and tight, especially in Gastown), he leaned into my face as I walked by and said, in a tone I can only describe as both patronizing and sickly-sweet, "Because you aaaaare."


Here's the thing. I feel like I get this a lot, and I've begun calling it "Fairy Godmothering."

The idea being, "Oh you sweet chunky flower! You're probably so self-conscious, but here I am to help you understand that truly you are beautiful!"

Also, to answer your question, random stranger, yes. One of my co-workers said my hair looked great, my boyfriend calls me beautiful all the time and I don't have a horrific sense of self-consciousness. But even if none of that was true, why do you feel that I need to be told that by you, guy I don't know?

To be fair, this often comes more from women than men, but it still bugs the hell out of me. I'm not going to be your project. I'm not going to be your good deed for the day. I'm just trying to get to London Drugs to buy some overpriced French sparkling water. Because I'm fancy as fuck and I know it.

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