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When exes call

Last summer, I helped my (now ex) boyfriend look after his aunt's aging parents.

They were amazing, and I got really attached to them.

Well I got a message yesterday informing me that Uncle had a series of strokes and is "at the departure gate".


I'm sad, but it wasn't unexpected.

As for the ex, I wrote about the break up at the time, and I won't get into it again, but key details are that it was long distance (Sri Lanka/UK) and towards the end he lied a lot and was generally rotten.


I got a drunk dial from him today. I wouldn't normally answer, but I knew he'd be heartbroken about Uncle. He was tanked, and we discussed our time with the couple.

And then he said "you're going to shout at me but I want to tell you something. You know you look absolutely stunning without make up, you're so beautiful [keeps going on this vein for a while]... Why are you wearing so much make up!"


Then he mumbled about loving me and how angry his sister is that he broke up with me.

I went to a Bollywood party last night so I really camped up my make up for the occasion. But also, FUCK OFF DUDE. I looked fucking awesome.

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