So a little while ago, I posted that my annoying Inlaws had announced they were pregnant.

Turns out that they were actually announcing they had miscarried. The confusion arose because they emailed Mr. Ivriniel an ultrasound picture and he misunderstood the accompanying email.

Anyways, my sister-in-law began miscarrying about two weeks ago, but has yet to complete the miscarriage, and has been bleeding this entire time. Early last week, she went to to the Doctor and got medication to help facilitate completing the miscarriage, but it didn't work.

Then Thursday night she hemorrhaged so badly that she passed out and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. In hospital she was given a blood transfusion. However, despite all the bleeding, the miscarriage still did not complete. Then she signed herself out hospital the Friday morning against medical advice, and went to work.

Apparently at this point her Doctors want to perform a D and C, but she is reluctant. My other SiL asked her brother why his wife hasn't had a D and C yet, since it's been over 2 weeks already and his response was that his wife "wants to deliver our child naturally" because it is "more humane" than having it "removed mechanically". Apparently the hospital has scheduled her for another ultrasound early next week, and if she hasn't completed the miscarriage by then, they are urging her to have a D and C but she has not committed to it yet.

I understand that everyone's reaction to a miscarriage is different and the choice of how to handle it is a very personal one. But I am becoming really alarmed here. I can understand not wanting a D and C. And I know that some people really hate hospitals and don't want to stay in them if they can at all avoid them. But her going into work the next day just really feels like tempting fate. She's a cashier, so she stands up her entire shift, and it's not like she can just leave her till to check on things whenever she feels like it.


It just feels like she is in denial about her situation. I just hope the situation resolves itself or she lets them help her before something else life threatening happens.