Oh, there are a lot of issues with this game. Loads and loads. It's pretty sexist and misogynistic, but really, what else am I expecting this day and age when I get a video game?

Technically, Mr.Dude bought this game. However, he bought it mostly for me. I loved Odin Sphere., which was made by the same company - Atlus, Vanillaware.

It's a great game with a wonderful story, and all of the most important characters are the females, and they also are the most powerful. They have the best stories and then endings are really just about them. I loved it, it was amazing and it is everything a game should be.

I knew Dragon's Crown wasn't going to be anything like that right away, and that's fine. At least I wasn't misled. What made me interested was mainly the art (not the massive boobs and stuff, but mainly just the art style in general, which I fell in absolute love with from Odin Sphere) and the multi-player system.


You can play online with other people, but more importantly, you can play with someone sitting on the same couch as you. Mr and Mr.Dude really love playing games together so we were really excited to play it. Basically, you play through a rather short, non-important story line on normal difficulty, then beat the game. When you start over with your characters, you unlock harder difficulties. We played through and came to a quest (which we both got credit for) where we had to do it individually. Not bad, until I go into my characters story and it started from scratch. My character was still level 32 or whatever, but I had to start at the beginning. We went through anyway and did what I was supposed to do, then logged in together and it gave me credit for the quest. Ok, no big deal, crisis averted.

WELL CRISIS NOT AVERTED! We finish the game, and Mr.Dude's level cap of 35 gets removed and he unlocks hard mode and gets new quests. I check myself, and I get NOTHING.

To get to where I should be, since I've been playing with Mr.Dude the entire time, I have to go through the whole thing (minus my quests, because I still have those for some stupid effing reason) over again. Is it easy? Yes. But it's a waste of my time. I want to play hard mode. I want to progress at the same level as the person I'm playing with. Because that is what MULTI-PLAYER IS!


I am so mad. It's actually a really fun game, but what is the point of having a multi-player system when it is so crazy fucked up like that?! I was going to give this game a solid A, but now, it gets bumped down to a D. The main sell of this game is the multi-player aspect, as the AI's are worthless. Why play with someone, if either of you is not going to get any actual progress? Yes, you level up and get quests, but then you still have to go back and do everything over again for absolutely no reason. What a waste of time. We were excited to try out new characters on low levels while keeping our other characters. We wanted to try them all out, as they're pretty fun. But again, what is the point if we're going to have to do everything over and over and over again with nothing to show for it? It takes double the time to get to the same point if you're playing with someone.

It's just an epic level of disappointment.