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When Gawker procrastination pays off: adulterous hook-ups?

I was reading in the comments of the Gawker item about a maintenance person being mistreated in the New York Times building. A commenter posted a theory that the email was from someone at The New York Times and then linked to the exchange below:


MizJenkins, you out there? If this guy isn't already testing a story idea, you can build a script from this, no doubt. It's got everything: betrayal, anger, real estate lust, cinematic cities, a big-city newsroom, a venerated journalist, possibly a rising newspaper star (make him more interesting and attractive than that jerk from Season 5 of The Wire), possibly hot sex and the potential for a rainbow cast. It's at the very least a Law & Order episode.

OK, this procrastination is actually NOT paying off. I came to work early to get something done and just stumbled on this while I was having my coffee.


ETA: How come sometimes I can share a post to another subblog and it doesn't disappear from GT and then other times it goes away?

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