This MP post got me thinking about some of the fancier restaurants I’ve been to where the flavor didn’t match the cost. Most notably, there’s a somewhat famous chef in central MD/DC who has opened a handful of restaurants in the region and, after trying four of them and giving him a lot of money, I would only recommend one of his places.

The super fancy place ($300 for 2 people) was “meh” (excellent service, though). The casual lunch place was “meh” (very slow service and we’re talking everyday sandwiches, $30 for 3 people). The fancy Italian restaurant was “meh” ($200 for 2 people). But — finally! — brunch at the steak place was fantastic ($60 for 3 people).

I know, I know, “Nom, you shoulda given up after the second fail.” Well, you know what, I was rooting for him. And he did finally get one right! But the three “meh” experiences are just so damn disappointing.

I hate walking out of a restaurant and thinking, “That was not worth the money.”

What are your best and worst, “Worth every penny!” restaurant experiences?