I just posted the article from yesterday about the 55 schools under federal investigation and just got the weirdest response from a friend.

I like my friend, that's why we're friends but this was a pretty bizarre response from her. She has worked in res life and as a lawyer for colleges and universities for a few years and my mind is blown. I don't want to copy and paste the whole thing because I don't want anybody doxxed, but here are some key parts that have left me almost speechless.

But, and this is controversial to say, we are in a culture right nowwhere it is almost impossible for a man to have consensual sex.

What?! No, honey. Nope.

I'm not saying a woman is ever at fault for being raped. I'm just saying that there are shitty, dishonest women out there, just like there are people of every gender. Or even, when all things are equal, who is at fault?


Except, she kind of is?

Every other person at the party says they left together smiling and laughing; everyone knew they were wasted. Results? That guy is screwed. I'm not saying things like Steubenville don't happen. I'm not saying there aren't problems.

But it is very VERY difficult for a university to address an incident with anything other than blind "ermahgerd, youpoorthing, wewillgetthatnastyman!" And just occasionally, that is not warranted.


What did I just read? She wrote a very, very long comment and I feel like I should respond but I kind of don't want to get into it with her (I'm not confrontational and I don't want to argue with a lawyer).