Dear White People,

Listen, I get your love of Taco Bell. It's greasy, sometimes good, available to you. Shit, even us Mexicans like it a lot at times. Some of you assure me you know what legit Mexican or Tex Mex food and I don't believe some of you. Yes, a lot of you have had the opportunity to try legit tacos. Legit tacos are not in a shell with mystery meat, but in little baby corn tortillas made with carne al pastor, asada, or some variation of legit taconess.

Until you have had that or at least something very similar, do not tell me you know what real Mexican food is. Also, some of you take me too seriously. You eat what you want, but I gotta defend my tacos, man.



And with that I leave you Santana Lopez gifs and the like.



*I'll be waiting for people to still get mad at me 'cause they cannot take my semi-jokes. :( *