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When having the same name as someone famous goes wrong

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This is a pretty amusing tale about a guy named Jon Jones - a white, out of shape, video game developer who happens to share a name with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones, a huge, terrifying professional fighter who is widely lauded as one of the sports' greatest (as well as hated by many others).


Not That Jon Jones has owned various permutations of the name "Jon Jones" online for several years since he works in the video games industry and is big into social media. Jon "Bones" Jones is actually a fairly recent phenomenon in the sport - his first fight in the UFC was in 2008, but it wasn't until January 2009 when he ragdolled Stephan Bonnar around the cage for three rounds and landed this beauty of a spinning back elbow


that people started to take notice of him. By that point, Not That Jon Jones owned @JonJones on Twitter. So when Jon "Bones" Jones hit the big time, fight fans and general jugheads started screeching at him over Twitter. Only they weren't ululating and taunting Jon "Bones" Jones, prizefighter, they were spamming the fuck out of a nerdy guy in Austin, TX who was just minding his own business.

When he was first getting popular, maybe five to 10 times a week I’d get tweets from someone saying, “Jon Jones, you’re a piece of shit! So-and-so is going to kill you. You’re going to bleed out your face!” Really vile stuff. First I ignored it but then I started having fun with it. At first I’d reply like I didn’t know anything, like, “What?!! Who wants to hurt me?! Oh my god! Who are you?!” I always replied as me. I never deliberately try to pose as him in a way that anyone would ever take seriously.


I also own JonJones.com. I had been waiting 11 years for it. I had an email alert set up so GoDaddy would tell me whenever it became available. I waited 11 years for it to go on sale, and the day that it did, I contacted the guy, and he said that Bones Jones’ manager had contacted him and wanted to buy the site, and the selling price was $1600, and he didn’t want to buy it. So I bought it instead. I think he was driving Bentley’s by this time, and his manager didn’t want to spring for $1600.


I have actually met Not That Jon Jones a few times (we have mutual friends, though he has forgotten my name all three times we have met) and he is a very pleasant, affable, funny, self deprecating guy. There was a night a bunch of us were at a bar and someone made a slideshow of all the memes that have been made about him. Good times.

ETA: his friends are cracking jokes on Facebook about it. My favorite comment: "I must say, Jon, I am glad your new life meme is Good Guy Jon Jones and is no longer "Incredibly Bad Luck Jon Jones""

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