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Who do you consider 'Wealthy'?

Oh hello there internet buddies! Let's do a little bit of a thought experiment.

This is particularly timely given some of the conversations being had over on the main page (if anyone wants to talk about their experiences marrying or dating someone from a different 'class' please feel free to do that as well!), but I had originally wanted to post this last night. My health, however, had other ideas. So here it is now!


What do you think constitutes wealth? We could go back and forth all day on the idea that someone who has a loving family or a particularly affectionate cat or whatever is 'wealthy' in a certain way, but that's not what I mean.

I am more interested in learning how you would actually quantify it, using numbers or other similar qualifiers. Do you consider someone without debt wealthy? Someone who can own their own home? Who has a retirement account? Who earns a certain salary? Perhaps you only consider someone whose family has Money to be wealthy? Someone who qualifies as the 1%? Maybe to you it's someone who is in the upper 25%, or the 50%! Whatever it is, tell me!

We come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences here, so I'm really interested to hear what your perspectives are. I know there are 'studies have determined that people with x amount are wealthy!' up the wazoo, but I'm really more interested in learning about what your gut instincts tell you qualifies as wealth.

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