I have a little group of friends and acquaintances from a gaming board and we founded a group. I feel guilty talking about it because I like almost everyone on there but there are a few things that are irritating me. Namely the big thing that has been somewhat divisive is around some people's need for self expression—by self expression, they need to objectify women through constantly uses of sexualized manga images or by talking about dicks all the time. I find it irritating. If they want to engage in that shit, there is a vast fucking universe on the internet. 4chan is an entire message board predicated on puerile fantasies. I'm tired of having to be mom to guys who are like around my age who act so fucking offended when I have to tell them that I don't want to see it. I'm queer so I can be sensitive to being censored around sexuality but you know, I'm also from New England so I don't like to put up with bullshit.

But I feel bad because whenever I say something, I always feel like there is someone there with the guilt because I am making them feel bad. They can't be who they want to be. Thoughts? I tend to either get defensive or tell them I don't care about who they are, depending on how annoyed I am. They often flounce or threaten flouncing. People can be the worst.

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