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So I had a lecture today within my Advocacy and Discrimination module about gender. It was depressing.

We had to sit in gender groups and draw/write about what masculinity and femininity are. My and my fellow lass sat and wrote what we thought society said and then what we defined it as. This was very encouraging. Then we shared what we had written/drawn with the men's table. They had done basic and stereotypical diagrams of women and men.

So I asked them whether that was what they thought society defined it as, and asked them what they believed. They dodged the question and talked about how you have to use generalisations to get anywhere in discussion. It sucked. One of the guys suggested that gender didn't really have much effect in our society any more. I replied, "It affects some people more than others." He denied this. Half the discussion was sexist jokes which straight up angered me. The main guys making them said that it was fine because we knew that they weren't sexist.


But I have two responses to that:
1) How do I actually know you are not sexist?
2.) Why can you just set aside the jokes for 2 HOURS so I have a space to discuss my gender in an academic setting where I won't be mocked for wanting to talk about it for one of the only times in my life?

Even the (female) lecturer said that it was fine to have sexist jokes in our society and that gender wasn't a big problem in our society before giving us case studies about gender crimes abroad.

On the bright side, I had a good one on one conversation with one of my male friends who has chosen to take responsibility for himself and educate himself on gender issues, but the entire lecture can be summed up in a few GIFs:


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