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when it rains...

... it really does pour. i feel like the universe is trying to balance something out, like we had too much good luck for awhile. in the last 24 hours, we've been hit with one thing after another, and i'm just... tired. so tired. this is too much.

first, Husband's check is garnished for the second time, this time taking out $217 (long story involving credit cards and bad decisions nearly a decade ago that is still haunting us). that was our Christmas shopping money.

then, i get called to the apartment manager's office, and handed a 10 day eviction notice. as in, we have 10 days to comply with regulations or we're out. that was the manager's compromise with the head office, who apparently wanted us out immediately. the issue? my son's girlfriend's bike is regularly left out front, and someone has been calling the cops about teenagers smoking on the property, by my door (first i have EVER heard of this). also, cigarette butts on the ground. apparently, leaving the bike by the front door is a lease violation (what?). it's not that it's so difficult to comply, just that it was totally out of the blue.


next up, TeenChild's girlfriend's dad discovered her birth control pills while going through her dresser. she was here at the time, and started freaking out and so did TeenChild. so, 2 hysterical teenagers just left the house to go talk to her dad (who is seriously old school - Mexican, Catholic, and a single dad). this should go well *sigh*

oh, and Husband just informed me that i'm now driving on expired plates. and there are 2 parking tickets on my car.

and here i was all excited that we had $25 left on EBT (food stamps), which is almost unheard of by the 3rd week (we get ours on the 14th of the month.) guess that shows me. ugh. i seriously just want to curl up and cry.

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